"Marilyn is a fantastic teacher and her excitement about calligraphy made learning it with her fun and rewarding. She takes great care to make sure thoughtfully, that you’re learning each stroke as intended and was gracious to offer to be available for feedback / coaching if we wanted to practice after the class. Thank you again Marilyn - will definitely hope to do this again with you in the future!" Lori, New York City

"Ecstatic, I walked into the studio this morning, not quite knowing what to expect. 
Embraced, by Marilyn, so warm and welcoming, a kiss on the cheek by Valerie. 
Engrossed, by the beauty of calligraphy, by the camaraderie of those that all have an eye for all things beautiful and delicious. 

This sums up my experience at Marilyn's eterate calligraphy workshop. You will go home with templates of beautiful calligraphy for sure. But what I've left is a bit more than that. I feel like I've made friends with Marilyn. She starts out by sharing her journey of how she fell in love with calligraphy. I shared my story with her, not as glamorous as I constantly have two little ones hanging off my arms. But I love how no matter where you are in life, how something like love for calligraphy, photography or food can bring complete strangers together and turn them into friends. I use the word 'friends' loosely here as Marilyn and I will walk in different directions as our lives will take us, but I will practice my calligraphy and I hope to have Marilyn continue to guide me along my calligraphy journey." - Donna, New York City

"I used to dabble a bit in calligraphy before I met Marilyn, who was my first ever encounter with a modern calligraphy teacher. As an instructor, Marilyn is meticulous- from the arrangement of our workspace/materials, to how quickly she would point out where you went wrong and you could how to fix it. It was also very, very thoughtful that afterwards, she emailed us a list of resources for calligraphy tools and sent us a blank worksheet pdf to keep practising. I believe that Marilyn is a generous teacher because she hasn't stopped learning herself." - Namgay, Singapore

"Thank you so much for everything today! I had a great time and so did my friend. Great to finally meet you! Calligraphy with a brush pen feels less intimidating, now I just need to practice alot. Glad I finally get to try it. Looking forward to your next events. Thanks so much for sharing and teaching us!" - Yvonne, New York City

"I discovered the world of calligraphy during the workshop and I really enjoyed it! I liked the way you taught. It has been really interesting and very pleasant. Thank you again for this nice workshop. I appreciate your time to share the story of your calligraphy journey during the workshop. Your story is amazing!" - Anne, Singapore

"I had a really fun and fulfilling session with eterate. Marilyn is very kind and patient. She personally walks around the room to ensure that everyone understands and provides assistance and coaching when needed. It is her passion and commitment that made me feel keen to learn even more about this beautiful art. Thank you Eterateco. and Marilyn!" - Felicia, Singapore

"Thanks for conducting the class last Saturday, I truly enjoyed your calligraphy class. The materials and lessons were very well-prepared and you were very patient while teaching us. Although it was a 2-hours session I felt that I had learnt some basics in calligraphy. Thank you once again." - Uma, Singapore

"Marilyn realizó un workshop en Buenos Aires. Tiene un inglés muy claro y se entiende a la perfección. Es muy tranquila y didáctica para enseñar. Corrige a todos sus alumnos durante toda la clase, destaca lo bueno y lo malo de cada ejercicio para mejorar. Ella preparó una mesa hermosa con las herramientas necesarias para aprender, y tuvimos un recreo con chocolates y galletas traídas de Nueva York :) Fue una experiencia inolvidable, ahora tenemos que practicar, mejorar y volvernos a encontrar ..." - Angela, Argentina